The History and Story of Maryland Chemical


1895 – Founder, Fred P. Glose is born in Bethlehem PA, the 2nd of 12 children.

1908 – Fred finishes 8th grade, and goes to work in the Machine Shop at the Bethlehem Steel Company in his home town at the age of 13.

1916  – Fred is in El Paso TX, in the 1st PA Artillery of the US Army , manoevering caissons and riding on the back of a horse, in pursuit of Pancho Villa near the US-Mexico border.

Early 20’s – Fred, our founder, moves to Fallston, MD to work for the FX Hooper Co. He brings his knowledge of machining to help that company make the steel rings for wooden barrels (the shipping containers for everything back then!)

1928 – Fred Glose, the second generation is born

The next chapter in our story is one of INNOVATION

Fred P. was witness to the evolution of shipping containers from wooden barrels to… cardboard cartons and he embraced innovation in the 1940’s with a new company called Maryland Container Corporation, located on Russell St. in Baltimore.

A Funny Thing happened on the way to an EXPANSION

1953 – Fred #1 is looking to expand to meet the demand for cardboard cartons. So, he approached the owner of the empty lot next door on Russell Street.

The owner , said ” Sure! You can buy the empty lot …As long as you also buy our chemical distribution operation because we are getting out of distribution.”

1953 –  2d gen Fred (JFG) was on the scene at the container company selling the heck out of cardboard cartons up and down the Eastern seaboard… he went to his customers and asked 2 key questions:

1. Do you buy chemicals?

2. Would you by them from us?


March 1, 1953 – With enough “yeses” from customers… the deal was sealed and Maryland Chemical Co. was born!

Over the next decades, GROWTH and GOOD CHEMISTRY occurred

Both at MCC AND in the personal life of Fred #2

Fast forward to this century and the new millennium…

2004– The THIRD generation took over ownership with eldest daughter Jeanette Glose Partlow being named President.

2005 – Maryland Chemical becomes a CERTIFIED WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS.

2005 – Maryland Chemical embraces INNOVATION again with the opening of Chemstation Chesapeake!

2008 – Major INNOVATION happens with our move to our Childs St. STATE OF THE ART FACILITY.

2012 – The Department of Defense and Budget Appropriations Committee tours Maryland Chemical as a “model site”

2012 – Maryland Chemical President Jeanette Glose Partlow is named a Smart CEO By SMART CEO Magazine

2013 – Maryland Chemical celebrates 60 years of  INNOVATION, EXPANSION AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP

2015 – Jeanette Glose Partlow is named the “Responsible Distributor of the Year

2016 – Maryland Chemical celebrates 25 years of Certified Responsible Distribution in the industry