Maryland Chemical hosts the Maryland Army Reserve and their guests Bosnia-Herzegovina army members

The Maryland Army National Guard (MDANG) and Bosnia-Herzegovina, (BiH) Army soldiers toured facilities with their MDANG instructors on June 6, 2019, at MDCHEM headquarters

The Department of the Army, 231st Chemical Company, based at Camp Fretterrd Military Reservation visited Maryland Chemical along with with their guests for a tour about best practices, and safety when dealing with hazardous chemicals. Bosnia-Herzegovina, (BiH) Army soldiers toured facilities with their MDANG instructors. During the tour, Operational Vice President, Patrick Gormley provided a great deal of information on addressing potential hazards, along with various administrative and engineering safety controls.

The MDANG has a long-standing partnership with several Eastern European countries, they work with foreign partners to enhance their knowledge in a variety of areas including Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear Consequence Management. The BiH soldiers are currently training to respond and mitigate catastrophic releases of toxic industrial materials or weapons of mass destruction in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnia Herzegovina has numerous chemical plants within the country’s borders. However, most of the plants are foreign-owned and access for tours is typically prohibited.

President Jeanette Glose Partlow had the following to say “Our relationship with the armed forces is one of respect and working together on knowledge sharing, and best practices, we were thrilled to host the Bosnia Herzegovina group as well as MDANG. “